Wall of the War

This is a multiplayer game i.e two player game In the game there are two players each having a cannon and 10 explosives . Each has its own property and effect

Speed is Need

Drive into the whole new experience with Speed is Need . Enjoy the smoothest racing game in new tracks. Beat your opponents and unlock new upgrades.

Ande Ka Fanda

Small game with lots of fun. Catch eggs and get points; but beware of rotten one's.

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Description Collect coins through different levels. Adjust power, angle and shoot to collect coins. Controls Mouse - Adjust power/angle. A - Left D - Right Click KICK to shoot. Kicker was developed for Windows using Microsoft Visual C++ 2008.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Sony Xperia Z3

Our Rating : 9.3/10

And here comes the REAL thing Xperia has defined what Xperia-nce is all about in android. This has been much awaited and sony did not disappoint at all. We all know about the snapdragon, the screen, cam and other great features of the phone but what makes it a winner is Constant innovation in the design unlike plastic band aid design that looks like 5 thousand rupee phones. You really feel proud to carry this around. It looks premium and has a strong accessorial quotient. No bloatware stuffed UI that some Korean companies are trying to sell as path breaking innovation. The Sony UI is simplistic and oriented with respect to convenience and fast operation. It is really waterproof and not just spill proof unlike a plastic phone. Music and movies, i mean especially the sound is a SONY thing. You need to experience it. Lot of available RAM because UI is not an overkill with bloatware. No cheating in internal memory. You get almost 32 GB. It is said that making a brand is about making great things and a little talking. However some leading companies are doing the opposite and thinking they will survive forever. No, they have already started to go down and hard work and a will to make something good, will only survive and this is what Sony has done with Z3. Z3 is not a phone, its a story of triumph. It is a story that describes how to win a market that was flooded with cheap plastic phones being sold at unreasonable prices with people going mad over them. From having almost no market to having a significant market share and respectable position; this is what Sony has done in the last 2 years in India. Marketing without substance does not last forever. Don't think that Indians can be fooled again and again with nonsense plastic phones. One needs to respect their customer and give them the best they can make. They should learn from Sony. I still feel the price is a bit more.. but looking at the popular competitors, a premium and genuine device priced little higher makes sense. 


5.2 inch IPS LCD capacitive Touch screen
1080 X 1920 display
424 ppi pixel density
Supports 2G 3G and 4G 
Dual Camera : Rear 21 MP with flash and 2.2 MP front
2160p@30fps, 1080p@60fps, 720p@120fps Video Recording 

3 GB of ram
Android OS 4.4.4 Kitkat
Quad core 2.5 GHz processor
Adreno 330 GPU 
Internal Storage 8 GB / 16 GB 
SD card support upto 128

Price : Rs.50,000/-
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Moto G (2014)

Our Ratings : 9.9/10

This is the upgraded model of Moto G, it is named Moto G (next gen). Moto G was a successfull launch by google. The earlier model has won many hearts, inspite all of the top class
features and hardware of Moto G , it has some negative points like odd screen size and
no support for SD card. In this upgraded model of Moto G they added a memory card
slot which can support SD card upto 32 GB and they increased the screen size to 5 inches.
The camera of the device has also upgraded, Moto G (2014) has a 8 MP rear camera with high intensive flash which is capable of rcording HD videos at 720p, the front (2MP) camera
is also capable of recording 720p videos.
All the rest specifications are same as Moto G.
The best thing about Moto G (2014) is that , the company hasn't increased the price, they are
selling it at the same price as that of the previous model.

All of the specifications are listed below :

Specifications :

5 inch IPS LCD capacitive Touch screen
720 X 1280 display
294 ppi pixel density
Supports 2G and 3G
Dual Camera : Rear 8 MP with flash and 2 MP front
720p Video Recording @30fps

1 GB of ram
Android OS 4.4 Kitkat
Quad core 1.2 GHz processor
Adreno 305 GPU 
Internal Storage 8 GB / 16 GB 
SD card support upto 32GB

Price (16gb) : Rs. 13,000/-

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Wall of the War V-1.0.2

Wall of the War  V-1.0.2   


A new kinda game not having emphasis on graphics rather on the fun and enjoy while playing the game.

This is a multi-player game i.e two player game
In the game there are two players each having a cannon and 10 explosives . Each explosive has its own property and effect.

Your aim is to destroy the enemy property before he does finishes yours. Property refers to the building behind each cannon .Each building has 1000 high power (HP).

As long as you take to shoot the explosive, the HP of the enemy goes on increasing and can reach to the full scale.

To make the game tougher and much more intresting , there is a wall between the two sides . In starting the wall is in the middle but as the game starts it moves towards the direction of the player having lesser HP to give advantage and ease to the player who is leading.

More on the space between the wall changes after every round. A round means one-one explosive shooted from both the sides

In case all the 10 explosives (selected by the players in the starting from the set of randomly generated 20 explosives out of 40) finish , the player gets a free bullet with unlimited rounds.

In this version there are 40 explosives but we are developing many more and will be released after its launching. 

Requirement :

Windows operating system
17 MB Hard Disk space (free)
70 MB RAM (recommended)
suitable extracter (WinRAR etc.)

Copyright © Anokhigames 2014

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Ande Ka Fanda

Ande Ka Fanda

Download Ande Ka Fanda v2.1

Mouse - Move the bucket to collect eggs.


Small game with lots of fun. Catch eggs and get points; but beware of rotten one's.
In this game you are controlling  a bucket by your mouse . There are 5 chickens poping out eggs every time. The eggs poped out can be normal, rotten , gold ones or silver ones .

Your aim is to collect as much eggs as you can within the time limit.
The points criteria is as below :

White Egg : 1 Point
Silver Egg : 5 Points
Gold Egg : 10 Points
Rotten Egg : -10 Points

You can change the difficulty of the game from the settings menu.
" Break your own high scores and challenge your friends "
Have fun ...!!

Ande Ka Fanda was developed for Windows using Microsoft Visual C++ 2008

Copyright © Anokhigames 2014

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Cross The Road

Cross The Road

This Game is designed by Aokhi Games (our product) and we are distributing it for free. It is a basic 2 dimensional game not the one having high graphics. As our moto is "Not having emphasis on graphics rather the fun while playing game".

Download Here :

In this game we are controlling a smiliey character who is trying to cross the multilevel road highway.
Our aim is to cross him as soon as we can and earn points.

Points earning criteria is as follows :

Cross within :

5 seconds   = 100 pts.
8 seconds   = 50   pts.
8+ seconds = 20  pts.

In the begining we have a happy smiliey as soon as 5 seconds are completed the happy smiliey " : ) " turns into sad smiliey " : ( " and after 8 seconds the smiliey turns into a angry smiliey " :-@ "

If the smiliey is hit by any car it will result in "Game over"

Your aim is to avoid all the traffic vehicles and Cross The Road as soon as you can ... !!

Enjoy ... !!

Credits : 

Download Here :

Copyright © Anokhigames 2014

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